The rush of seeing ducks cupped with landing gear down, the sounds of their wings as they make a pass, the simple pleasure of being out doors & enjoying a good hunt & being with friends. Yes, duck hunting provides something that the rest of our lives doesn't touch, and sends the kind of inner message that says; "Life doesn't get any better than this, I love being out here!"

Most everyone tries to find some sort of hobby or outside interest that brings them pleasure. It's what helps us get through long hours at work or difficulties at home, or pressures of making ends meet. We all need a break, something that makes us feel alive and gives us a sense of joy that nothing else we know provides. Some get their pleasures from sailing, some from skiing, some from team sports, and some from hunting. Whatever it is that makes us feel a need to get away from the routines of our lives is an indication that we all are trying to find meaning. While no one ever asked to be born, finding reasons to go on, are part of the journey from the cradle to the grave. Personal hobbies and interests are great, but only fill the gap for a few hours or a weekend. On Monday we all have to go back to the routines we know.

If we sense that we have this need for something more meaningful in our lives, we soon become aware there must be something that provides meaning all the time, regardless of whether we're behind a desk, or scaling a rocky terrain miles from the city. We who are a part of this web-site have found that there is even deeper satisfaction and lasting pleasure in a personal relationship with God than the greatest Duck hunting weekend you could ever imagine. There is a God-shaped vacuum in everyone's life, and most people never really find how to permanently fill that void because they are constantly looking to temporary pleasures.

When Jesus was on the earth, he made an incredible statement. He said, "I have come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly (John 10:10)". That means that Jesus came to the earth to fill that desire for meaning that every person is trying to answer. And finding that eternal sense of inner peace and pleasure is as simple as inviting Him to come into your life. Here is a simple prayer that may make the difference in your life from short-term highs to long-term peace: "Dear Jesus, I have this desire to have meaning and direction in my life. I have been trying to fill that void in my life by different earthly pleasures. Right now, in the quietness of this moment, I ask you to forgive my sinful heart and enter the secret place of my life. Let me know the reason for living and give me the assurance of heaven that only comes through You. Thank you for hearing my humble prayer. Amen." If you need to see some confirmation about the reality of what you have just done, get a Bible and read I John 5:11-13 (or just click) in the New Testament. Or if you need some further explanation to understand what this is all about, contact me , I'll talk with you or send you some information.

Remember, Duck Hunting is one of the greatest outdoor pleasures there is, but it is nothing in comparison to having a personal relationship with the God of the universe. No matter how great the weekend, you know at some point you have to come back to reality. When Jesus lives in your heart, the adventure never ends!