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Work on decoys with keels
Are great for short neck or painted decoys
Hook with ease to keel without manipulating decoy or changing hands
Eliminate wrapping around neck/beak, damaging paint
Eliminate falling into bag and getting tangled
Are made for easy retrieval and setting out
Feature heavy duty rubber tubing with replacement tubing available
Work great with GREENHEAD GEARô Quick-Fix Cord
ACE DECOY ANCHORS are made to save time, reduce tangle, and keep from wearing the paint off
necks and beaks of decoys.

GREENHEAD GEAR Quick-Fix Cord is recommended to attach anchor to decoy. Line does not have
to be exact, the rubber tubing will give you the play needed to make an attachment to front or rear keel.

Hold decoy in left hand near neck, head facing out, keel facing right. Using right hand wind line on
keel. The tubing does not have to be stretched to it's limit, sometimes very little stretching is needed
to make a firm attachment to keel. A line is attached with knot to the bottom of anchor. This makes it
easier to remove anchor when wearing gloves or in wet conditions.

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Numerous unsolicited testimonials and editorials from U.S. and Canadian duck hunters and hunting
journals have rated Ace Decoy Anchors as THE BEST tangle-free anchors on the market today.
Ace Decoy Anchors are the fastest, easiest way to put out and take up decoys. Along with eliminating
tangled lines, Ace Decoy Anchors save time and prevent decoy paint wear and chipping when bagged.